Burning Through Pages Needs Fuel To Burn

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Describe the creative youth microprojects that your nonprofit would fundraise for if you win.


Our goal would be to procure more books so we can do more reading projects with kids. Different from a library we give books to kids. This way the kids can dog ear the pages, highlight words, write their name in the margins and really take ownership of what they are reading. We have had kids who have shared their beloved book with others so they their friends can also get the spark! Not only do kids get the chance to take ownership of something they also have the opportunity to share, reach out and grow

Explain how possibly gaining funding through the Give for Youth platform would better able you to complete these projects.

As a newer non profit we want to be able to use the funds to help our students develop fundraising projects of their own. Books, like everything else, take funding. The kids that we bring the books to have few if any other options. We see this money as being the seed for our new projects - something that we can build into something bigger!

Describe why your nonprofit is innovative and entrepreneurial.


Started by a self proclaimed "reading geek", currently a broker by trade our founder got there the hard way. Burning Through Pages strives to spark children's interest in reading. We do it in a variety of non traditional ways: comic books, edgy novels, upside down book clubs - where kids can lay on the floor, hang upside down or crash however is comfortable for them and talk about books. We don't dictate how you read or what you read - we just want you to want to read! We bring our programs to places where kids dont have ready access to books - rural areas, inter cities, rec centers, Boys & Girls Clubs and we light a spark for reading in what ever way works.

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who won ?????????????

by kidsattheirbest
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Your microprojects funded on GiveforYouth.org
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"Be the Change..." Help Stop Bullying
"Be the Change..." Help Stop Bullying

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