Enstitute is a non-profit apprenticeship that turns startups & small businesses into classrooms.

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Describe the creative youth microprojects that your nonprofit would fundraise for if you win.


Enstitute is unlocking a new, low-cost model of higher education with an apprenticeship based "Learn by Doing" program that turns startups and small businesses into classrooms while pairing students with their passion. Enstitute works with the best entrepreneurs and innovators to educate tomorrow’s workforce, revitalize economies, and transform lives through entrepreneurship focused education.

Enstitute provides an alternative to an over-prescribed post secondary education system. Through Enstitute, fellows complete a two-year apprenticeship where they graduate with a portfolio of work experience, written recommendations and certification of completion in an online curriculum of foundational and competency based courses.

Supporting our program would assist us in expanding our 2013 program to 30 students and offer two new areas of study, Digital Media and Advertising and Non-Profits.

Explain how possibly gaining funding through the Give for Youth platform would better able you to complete these projects.

Funding through The Give for Youth platform would allow us to expand to new geographies and industries, as well as measure and report the success of the apprenticeships. We believe that our program will not only serve our students in the long run but also serve as a tool for hiring managers and eventually become a new standard for workforce ready young adults.

Enstitute is currently building a market-based credentialing program that works with top corporations and startups to measure the skills, competencies, and quality of our graduates based on a digital portfolio of work and experience, exposure and education in the Enstitute supplemental curriculum, and real-time evaluations and reviews of experience and work. Funding will allow us to offer more apprenticeships, higher staff to have enough bandwidth to continue this research and carry out what will be the first nationwide apprenticeship program.

Describe why your nonprofit is innovative and entrepreneurial.


Enstitute is taking a new entrepreneurial approach to addressing the many problems facing higher education. Many organizations are focusing on solutions that make college more affordable and scalable through online platforms. Unlike these other organizations, we are not trying to rework traditional university. We are creating a completely new innovative option. Enstitute is the only organization with a primary focus on apprenticeships and learning by doing.

Because Enstitute uses existing small business infrastructure and and a crowdsourced online curriculum, it is significantly more affordable and easier to scale compared to traditional universities. Through our program our students will have the opportunity to learn from the top entrepreneurial individuals in the city and exit the program with enough experience, recommendations, connections and tools to become entrepreneurs themselves if they choose.

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A novel and needed idea. Since a vast majority of people learn by doing, why not design a teaching experience that matches that way of learning while building real world skills for the students

by Judy Ness
almost 3 years ago | Reply

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