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Describe the creative youth microprojects that your nonprofit would fundraise for if you win.


The SPOT is a comprehensive youth center that partners with youth to deliver medical and social services to St. Louis area 13-24 year olds at no cost. To expand our reach in the St. Louis community, we plan to fundraise for an innovative project (Youth ACTION!) to train and develop youth leaders who will mentor and inspire other youth to affect community change on key issues impacting youth in the region, including (but not limited to) sexual health, violence, substance use, and bullying. This will be accomplished through three components of Youth ACTION!: 1) Create a speaker’s bureau where youth educate youth about health and social justice issues; 2) Provide a leadership training program to assist youth in developing leadership skills that are transferable throughout life; and 3) Implement an arts initiative to hone drawing and painting skills, culminating in the creation of a public mural with broad visibility highlighting key issues impacting youth.

Explain how possibly gaining funding through the Give for Youth platform would better able you to complete these projects.

Funding through the Give for Youth platform would provide a clear vehicle for fundraising for Youth ACTION!. Participation will offer The SPOT greater visibility and reach than private fundraising and grant writing alone, where we are often bound by a variety of limitations around entrepreneurial activities. We believe that youth can succeed when supported, and broader community buy-in confirms the value of youth advocacy, leadership and creative expression.

Describe why your nonprofit is innovative and entrepreneurial.


The SPOT was created by and for youth in St. Louis. There is no other place where youth can drop-in, hang out, have a snack, use a computer, watch TV, interact with peers, see a therapist, case manager, job coach, or doctor for free. Staff is continually inspired by the youth who come to The SPOT, in the energy they bring, positivity towards difficult circumstances and ownership and pride taken in the space and the knowledge that they are contributing and making a difference. We have seen formerly homeless youth pay it forward and make material donations that will directly help another youth. Our aim is to support youth where they are today and help them gain the skills to achieve their goals in the future. Ways in which we do this go beyond traditional education sessions or medical directives. Together we have designed and decorated our drop-in space, trained for a 5k run, advocated at our state legislators offices, and provided individual level care as needed.

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My name is De Andrea Nichols, and I am graduate student at the Brown School of Social Work in St. Louis as well as the creator of D*Serve (Design Serves). D*Serve is a design-based venture that equips youth with skills in human-centered design, community arts, and civic engagement in efforts to help foster their leadership as creative changemakers within communities.

I recently learned about your effort, Youth ACTION!, through a classmate at WashU and wanted to reach out to you about it. It seems like the vision for Youth ACTION! and D*Serve align really well, and I would love to possibly open dialogue about how my team can collaborate/partner with your work. As a 2013 Clinton Global Initiative venture, we really desire to help youth identify what they deserve in communities and guide them through designing the viable solutions they seek.

Please let me know if your Youth Action! team at The SPOT would be willing to engage with us. My contact information is below.

Thanks for your consideration,

De Nichols

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