Develop Youth Leaders and Global Citizens in NYC and DC!

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Describe the creative youth microprojects that your nonprofit would fundraise for if you win.


Global Kids, Inc. works to ensure that high-need urban youth have the knowledge, skills, experiences, and values they need to succeed in school, participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership in their communities and on the global stage. Our innovative summer programs build global competency and college and career readiness by teaching teens about foreign policy, providing international travel opportunities, and connecting them with international affairs experts and peers worldwide. Funding through Give for Youth would support our catalogue of summer programs for 2013, which will include a foreign policy institute at the Council on Foreign Relations, trips to Bosnia and Japan for peer education projects, a career exploration internship program, and more. These programs allow youth from high-poverty, low-performing schools to engage in their own learning, envision life after high school, and get the rare opportunity to explore the world beyond their block.

Explain how possibly gaining funding through the Give for Youth platform would better able you to complete these projects.

Funding through Give for Youth would provide crucial financial support to these projects, covering essential costs including student transportation, admission to cultural and educational institutions, stipends for participants, and high-quality staffing. Global Kids staff members are highly skilled educators with extensive training and experience in youth development and international education. An important element of Global Kids’ approach is the role of our staff as mentors, who provide personal support to youth who often do not receive it at home or in the classroom. These nurturing relationships are key to Global Kids’ success: they build students’ self-confidence, help them improve academically, and empower them to take control of their lives and make positive choices for themselves.

Describe why your nonprofit is innovative and entrepreneurial.


Global Kids utilizes a unique interest-driven learning model in which we tap into what students are curious about and like to do naturally to engage them in learning about current events, foreign policy, and human rights and equip them with the skills and tools they need to make an impact. Since we meet them where they are, our programs run the gamut in terms of themes, including the performing arts, video games, social activism, and filmmaking. Nonetheless, all programs share the following key ingredients: international affairs and global education; 21st Century skill building including problem-solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy; hands-on leadership opportunities through youth-led peer education, social action campaigns, service learning projects, digital media production, and internships; exposure to and dialogue with experts, policy makers, and activists; focused college and career exploration; and youth development support and mentoring by GK staff.

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Global Kids summer programs are life changing experiences for very deserving young people who may go on to be civic leaders, educators, and professionals in their communities, in part because of these opportunities.

by rikomatic
almost 3 years ago | Reply

GK all day!

Global Kids summer programs are life changing experiences for teens, many of who have never left the country or had the chance to meet with government, business and nonprofit leaders to discuss important global issues. I

by rikomatic
almost 3 years ago | Reply

I was part of Global kids for 4 years. When I first joined I was very shy and I kept to myself. I just thought it was another lame after school program. During those 4 years I was taught how to create workshops, I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya and host a live conference for 500 people!! The same girl who would barely speak. Come on this just wasn

by tejadalizzie
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Young people are out there making an impact -- and GK is right there giving them the tools and opportunities to make change!

by tene.howard
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Help support Global Kids youth, who are doing outstanding work on a range of issues like climate change, poverty, global health, gun violence and more. We need more active, involved youth who think globally and act locally.

by evie.hantzopoulos
almost 3 years ago | Reply

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